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  • Solo Acts: Marco Arment and his podcast app Overcast

    Ashley Esqueda has been making a great mini-series withing Vergecast called Solo Acts where she interviews solo entrepreneurs making awesome things on the internet. In her final episode she had Marco Arment on and it did not disappoint. I have long been a fan of Marco’s work and to hear the story behind Tumblr, Instapaper,…

  • The Talk Show ep. 370 – ‘Fine Hypertext Products’, with Jason Kottke

    I will always listen to Gruber and Kottke talk about their tenured careers as bloggers and hearing them talk about the past 25 years of blogging made me really consider how I want my writing online to look like. In fact, after listening to this episode I did the following:

  • The podcast episodes that make me better

    I wanted to fulfill my promise of bringing some fun to this issue and share some podcast episodes I listen to fairly often. I have been an avid podcast listener as long as I can remember it being available on iTunes. As someone that drives two hours a day for my day job I fill…