The death of physical media is here and I wanted to share my thoughts on it, plus share an AWESOME video my friends Adam made.

Plus, there is a podcast I have been sharing with anyone I think cares about joournalism and the ethics behind it.

My Default Apps

In an attempt to be a part of a really cool idea and trend among listeners of Hemispheric Views and other great bloggers, I decided to list my default apps like so many others have already. Let me know what you think and if you have any apps I should look into!

Mail Client: Gmail / Outlook (work)

Mail Server: Gmail

Notes: Obsidian

To-Do: Todoist

iPhone Photo Shooting: iOS Camera

Photo Management: Apple Photos

Calendar: Apple Calendar

Cloud file storage: Google Drive and iCloud

RSS Service: Inoreader

RSS Client: Reeder

Contacts: Apple contacts

Browser: Safari (iOS) Chrome (Desktop)

Chat: Apple Messages

Shopping Lists: Apple Notes

Budgeting & Personal Finance: Google Sheets

News: RSS, Mastodon, Reddit, Threads

Music: Spotify

Password Management: iCloud

How to fix online media: Focus on the true fans

Between Jezebel closing its doors, Vice News having layoffs, and Spotify changing course with podcasting I wanted to look at how advertising might no longer be the best option for news outlets and online creators.

What I learned after my sabbatical

I’m back with Clicked, and I wanted to address the elephant in the room about where I’ve been and what I have learned from taking time off. It’s one of the most personal things I have written to date and I would love for you to give it a read.

This is the most wild paragraph I have read in a long time.

New laptop stickers

Add this to the list of “headlines that warrant a raise for the writer”…

As a joke to be “edgy” inspired from this conversation I am now the proud owner of Am I as cool as the “Fuck no” button from HEY email?

I am adding this new theme @manton and @vincent are working on to my watchlist 👀

Let me know if I can help with this at all!

Obsidian Importer for Apple Notes

From Obsidian’s blog:

Obsidian Importer allows you to convert your data from a variety of proprietary formats to portable, durable files. These files work with any Markdown app, so you have control over your data, and are not locked into any tool.

Today we’re excited to share that Importer now works with Apple Notes, and is compatible with its many content types — including internal links added in iOS 17. See our guide: How to convert your Apple Notes to Obsidian.

Three months ago, we introduced Importer as an open-source project. Thanks to contributions from the Obsidian community, Importer supports converting your data from NotionEvernoteGoogle KeepMicrosoft OneNoteBearRoam ResearchHTML filesand more.

The latest version of Importer tackles the most challenging format to date: Apple Notes.

John Voorhees writing for MacStories:

I ran Importer twice to see how well it worked in practice. The first time was on a set of more than 400 notes, many of which hadn’t been touched in years. The import process was fast, but it failed on 36 notes, and it wasn’t clear from the plugin’s interface whether that caused it to get stuck part of the way through or if the plugin just skipped those notes. I don’t know why some of my notes failed to import, but the results weren’t too bad for an undocumented file format of an app with no official export feature.

The import process is non-destructive, meaning it doesn’t delete the notes in Apple Notes. I took advantage of this by deleting everything I’d just imported into Obsidian. Then, I went back to Notes and cleaned them up a bit, deleting old notes I didn’t need anymore and reducing the total note count to 149. I re-ran Importer, and this time, I got no errors. I haven’t checked every note, but based on a spot check, the import process looks like it was successful.