Hey, I'm Jeff Perry

This is my personal website/blog where I share quick thoughts, links to interesting finds online, and personal essays. I don't limit myself to a specific "beat" but some common themes I findmyself talking about and sharing include:

  • Internet Culture
  • News and Media
  • Journalism
  • Technology
  • The creative process

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About Jeff Perry

Jeff Perry is a dynamic blogger and writer, adept at covering a diverse range of topics from technology and journalism to internet curiosities and mass media. Known for his engaging style, Jeff combines his professional insight in mass media with a casual approach, making complex topics accessible to all. Always on the pulse of digital culture, he's a trusted guide in navigating the constantly evolving tech landscape.

From Jeff:

I grew up in a suburb just outside of Flint Michigan. While in high school I found myself in a broadcasting class after being encouraged to join, and ever since then I have always been working in some kind of production work in film and television. Now, as an engineer at a local news station, I get to be a part of a talented team telling stories that matter to those living in the area.

I like to create things in various digital mediums. I have created blog posts, newsletters, YouTube videos, podcasts, and more. While I might have a lot of different mediums you can find everything here on my website. This is a living and breathing document that I use to document everything I do creatively and sometimes when I am just out and about.


You can contact me via Mastodon, Threads, or email.