Tag: The Verge

  • The Color Quiz

    The Verge has created a pretty quick and fun color quiz where you try to pick the correct color for 8 logos. I managed to get 7 out of 8 correct, which was pretty good considering the average is about 4.5.

  • Solo Acts: Marco Arment and his podcast app Overcast

    Ashley Esqueda has been making a great mini-series withing Vergecast called Solo Acts where she interviews solo entrepreneurs making awesome things on the internet. In her final episode she had Marco Arment on and it did not disappoint. I have long been a fan of Marco’s work and to hear the story behind Tumblr, Instapaper,…

  • I don’t want to log in to your website

    Elizabeth Lopatto writing for The Verge: There is a new trend among websites where they want my email address before I’m allowed to read their free content. While I sympathize with the struggles of the media business, I am just going to point out something obvious: not reading is easier than reading — and way…