Huge Upgrades to Mastodon

People signing up for Mastodon will no longer have to worry about what server to go to. Instead, Mastodon will now be defaulting to a server they operate. Eugen Rochko, Mastodon’s Founder and CEOexplained his reasoning for this saying that [m]aking the onboarding process as easy as possible helps new users get past the sign-up process and more quickly engage with others.”

ZOOM OUTThe balancing act between usability and the open web is upon us. Instead of focusing on the decentralization of Mastodon, they are opting to choose something more closed.

  • This follows a more centralized platform like Facebook and Twitter. Though you can change servers.
  • Bluesky, Mastodon’s competitor, is also known to do something like this as well for new users.